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New Author Spotlight: Everly Reed

February 8, 2018

New Author Spotlight Interview: Everly Reed

 Everly Reed



New Author Spotlight Interview


Hi, my name is Everly Reed. I’m a contemporary romance writer living in Alberta, Canada. When I’m not busy writing I can be found working on a building project with my handyman husband, chasing our three busy children, or tending our few dozen animals.


Q1: Who were your biggest literary influences growing up?

Growing up I was gifted with a large appetite for reading, a tiny local library, and a kind librarian who allowed me to check out books from the adult section- as long as they weren’t kissing books. Thanks to her I discovered the classics section and read my way through it, falling in love with the worlds within those pages even when I was too young to comprehend half of it. She introduced me to the words of Charlotte Bronte, Jonathan Swift, Ayn Rand, and many others who wrote of eras and themes that I was eager to learn more about. The two most influential books I found on the shelves of my little library were Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Go Ask Alice by Beatrice Sparks. Both books deal with darker aspects of the human psyche, and sparked a lifelong interest in human perception, societal pressures, and mental illness.


Q2: Which do you feel is harder as an Author—writing, or querying? Why?

As difficult as querying is, I think writing is harder. Writing involves toiling away for hours on something that mostly just exists in your head, while trying to justify to yourself (and family and friends) the time spent and stress endured. On top of that there’s the unending self-doubt and uncertainty that anyone will enjoy what you’re writing. And then you have to edit the thing!

After it’s all done, though, you’re left with a finished, polished story that you fully believe in, and you’re ready to search for someone to represent it that believes in it too. You can enter into the query trenches with the satisfaction of having seen the project through and with a completed manuscript to show for all your hard work.


Q3: What is your favorite genre(s) to read in your free time?

I’m almost always reading books from within my genre of contemporary romance. I love a good escape with a guaranteed happy ending! On the flip side, the classics will forever be near to my heart and I’m slowly but surely reading my way through the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die list.


Q4: What book are you most looking forward to reading in 2018?

Santino Hassell has 8 (?!) new releases this year, and I’m excited for all of those! Particularly, Instant Replay (Cyberlove Book 5) and Use of Hands (Barons Book 3). Also on my nightstand is Sons and Lovers by D.H Lawrence and a re-read of Atlas Shrugged.


Q5: If you had to choose 1 literary character to have dinner with, who would it be, and what/where would you choose to go?

I’d love to have dinner with Veronika from Paulo Coelho’s book Veronika Decides to Die. I’d like to catch up with her and Eduard in their new life, and find out if they were able to hold onto the love they found within the institution when faced with the pressures of the society they had to return to. So much of her journey was struggling to appreciate life and herself, and I’d just like to see her happy in that new reality.


Q6: What makes your writing stand out? (Do you write about different cultures, languages, religions, time periods, fantasy worlds?). What do you love most about your books?

I think my stories are unique because they tie together themes of romance and mental health. I like to craft characters who experience mental health issues, not to have them be victims but instead to show them being successful and finding happiness regardless of their diagnosis. People can be strong and be suffering at the same time, and above all, still be worthy and capable of love.

I love that I get to show that people don’t have to be perfect to be loved. Just the opposite- people can find their happily ever after in the most imperfect circumstances.


Q7: What are your writing goals for this year?

This year my goals are to finish editing the final two books in my Prove It series and complete the serial novel I’m writing for my email subscribers. I’d also like to start on my next project during NaNoWriMo this November.  


Q8: If you could share one piece of advice with other querying Authors, what would it be?

Find your tribe- your support system that can critique your query letter, help polish your twitter pitches, brainstorm your next writing project with, count on for a funny gif when the query trenches have you down. Writing can be isolating and the rejections can feel like they outnumber the successes. Building connections with other writers can open up avenues that can change your outlook and your career.


Q9: Which trope in fiction do you dislike the most, which do you love?

I think the secret baby trope is tricky to pull off, and it’s my least favourite to read. I’m sure there are some really great ones out there, but I have a hard time being convinced there’s a realistic reason why you can’t tell your lover you’re pregnant- in a contemporary setting anyways!

A trope I can’t get enough of is the forced proximity trope in romance. A snowstorm, a business trip, a friend’s destination wedding- it’s all good as long as two seemingly opposite people are forced together and sparks fly. Bonus points if there’s sneaking around involved!


Q10: If you could explain your career in one GIF or Picture, what would it be?




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