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Lorri Horn

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Lorri Horn

Lorri Horn, born and raised in California, has been working with kids all her life. She has a Masters of Arts in Education, a Bachelors of Arts in English, a California State teaching credential, and has been Nationally Board Certified in Secondary Education. Lorri taught English and journalism at Santa Monica High School for over 14 years. She also served as English department chair and Teacher Leader for six years, was a mentor teacher, and taught UCLA California Literature Project.

Lorri’s background as a career schoolteacher and instructional leader make her especially qualified to help you with your educational needs. She tutors students in English (Language Arts) and writing. She also tutors students in all subjects by focusing on their executive functioning skills and organization, which is so often the bigger challenge than the content area itself. When she’s not tutoring other people’s children, or wrangling her own child to do his homework, she writes books.

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